Bitless Bridle


Don’t throw that bridle out! Going bitless no longer means you have to hang your cherished headstall onto a hook until the next garage sale. Now you can keep that bridle by using this simple attachment that slips right onto your existing headstall in place of your bit. Many of our clients had custom fitted their bridles to their horse’s heads and dreaded reliving another expensive fitting process. The Bitless Converter, from, resolved the problem by using their bridle as the new base for their bitless attachment.

The Bitless Converter costs so much less at $75 than the current market products that can cost you from $150 – $95. Plus it easily attaches in minutes, making a full conversion effortless and instant. No fumbling about with hole punchers or stretching tight leather straps to force the headstall to fit your horse. If you have a bridle that already fits your horse then all you need to do is buckle on the Bitless Converter and mount up for your regular schooling sessions or trail rides. Many riders discovered a new instant freedom of choice as they switched from bit to bitless for quick schooling and then back to the bit for trail riding or riding clinics. The bitless converter just slipped right onto their horse’s bridle and added a new versatility to their headstall! So enjoy your current bridle while riding in your new Bitless Converter.


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