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The Streeter Sisters

Welcome to Jerri Streeter’s site for horses and horse lovers! Equi-Works is devoted to discovering and publishing articles with great insights into our favorite subject:  The Horse. We post videos on our Equi-TV page that provide unique and accurate examples of  the current articles featured on the opening page.  Would you like to include your special horse article or photo on our website? Just drop your ideas into a “comments” box, or use our e-mail: equiworks4u@gmail.com.

We are also proud of our local talent from our hometown, Rehoboth, Ma.  Click on the Visit Rehoboth page and you will see the links to some of our specialty stores that help make Rehoboth noteworthy.  Need a contact for global horse sites? Visit the equi-links page.   Thanks for dropping by!

Hoofprint background image courtesy of Dion Hinchcliffe.

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